Dan Goldner inspired me to start keeping track of these moments of hope and change.

Jan 18, from struggling student:

“I’ve never thought about things so intently before.  You’re changing the way we think.  It’s really different from what I’m used to.  You really have to understand why you think what you do.  I talk to everyone about it — I’ve been talking to my parents about it.”

Jan 18, from philosophical student;

“Someone at work the other day said ‘I can’t believe I did something so stupid!’ and I said, ‘Don’t disrespect your past self.’ “

Jan 24, From usually-overwhelmed right-answer-seeking student:

“I was all excited, I thought ‘I’m going to be the first person to break Ohm’s Law!’  And then I checked, and Ohm’s Law works fine, but wouldn’t that be awesome?”

Jan 25, from struggling student:

“It’s so different from high school!  In high school it seemed like you always had to know something, you could  never say ‘I don’t know.’ “ME: “Oh.  Was it bad if you didn’t know something?”

Stoic, Silent Student joins in: “Yeah!  That was not OK.”

ME: “I never take that into account enough.  The way I see it, of course we want to talk about what you don’t know.  What would be the point of talking about the things you already know?”

SS: “I think it’s getting better.  People are getting more comfortable just throwing things out there.”

Jan 28:

“Practice makes better!” (Me and student, simultaneously)

Jan 30 (click through for photo):

An offering

The way to a teacher’s heart is through safely, strategically destroyed components