To introduce the incoming students to my grading system, I’ll spend a class explaining, having them practice using a grading sheet, and doing some Q&A.  Last year I had them assess me using the “Teacher Skill Sheet,” and I will do that again.  It helped students understand the reasoning behind the system.

But I found that students often submitted incomplete applications for reassessment, and I wanted to create a resource they could turn to.

It’s a bit too much to digest, I think… a lot to absorb in one bite.  So I’ll introduce the components one by one: how to do a good-quality quiz correction (with inspiration from Joss), how to update the bar graph (their current grade), how to find an appropriate practice problem in the textbook.

But I’m going to put a handout in the front of their skill folders, nonetheless — for future reference.  Here’s the draft so far — comments encouraged, especially about how to make it shorter or more student-friendly.